The Healthy, Happy Vegan Program




Feel Happy. Eat Healthy. Live Peacefully. Be Vegan.

With my proven, step-by-step ‘Vegan For Life’ method you can easily transition to Veganism so that you can feel happy, healthy and full of energy!

“I believe that you deserve better health, and that the next generation deserves a brighter future. With guidance, education and support you can successfully move over to a Plant-Based Vegan lifestyle and make a difference to your health, well-being and the health of our planet”




Once inside the Program, you’ll


1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching Calls when you need them to ensure you easily reach your goals


Weekly group Discussions and Q&A Sessions to experience support and connection with like-minded women


A private online community for additional support and education



Phase 1

Plant Based-Eating for Health

“Boost your Health and Energy

Feel confident in the basics of Vegan nutrition so that you know you are eating what your body needs to feel nourished. 

Choose delicious meal plans OR ‘Veganise’ your favourite meals and eat tasty, satisfying Vegan food!

Phase 2

Your Trouble-Free Lifestyle

Confidence in every area of your life

Navigate the social aspects of being Vegan, like eating with non-Vegan friends and travelling

Advice and help with living in a non-vegan family/household.

Support for dealing with the reactions from friends and family.

Phase 3

Shifting Awareness

Feel Happy and Proud! Your lifestyle is great for you and great for everyone”

Discover how to live your best life while lessening your footprint, and become mindful as a cruelty-free consumer.

Discover the true reason you will never find Veganism a difficult choice.

Does this sound familiar?:


You have dabbled with Plant-Based eating, but it hasn’t ‘stuck’ for you yet?


You want to be Vegan, but you’re not sure where to begin?


You’re worried about giving up certain things? Perhaps cheese or eggs?


You want to know you are eating properly to nourish your body – ensuring you get what you need to be healthy, strong and happy?


You want to banish cravings for junky foods?


You love animals and care about the environment?


You do not want to feel deprived or restricted because you love food and living life!?


You are tired of dieting, and feel confused about eating well. You’re ready to ditch old habits?


You value happiness, energy, feeling balanced and living compassionately?


You want ‘real’ comfort food that tastes incredible and your family will love to?

The benefits of the Healthy, Happy Vegan Program:

You will be supported throughout your journey and transition

You’ll discover you don’t need ‘willpower’ to become Vegan

Your change will be permanent, and Vegan will be your new normal!

Veganism will be easy and hassle-free, so that it doesn’t take up your time or brain space! 

You may lose weight without even trying

Safety to open up about some tricky topics to talk about

You will feel amazing! Your body will feel nourished and calm

You’ll know what to eat when you are in a hurry, and there is no time to cook 

You will have peace of mind, knowing you are eating healthily 

You will be fully aligned with your belief that kindness and compassion are your core values


Becoming Vegan can lead to excessive INNER PEACE and HARMONY! Vegans may experience LONG HEALTHY LIVES and they often AVOID LIFESTYLE DISEASES.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol?

Simple! Schedule a call with Natalie by clicking the Pink button above. We will have a chat about your goals and find out if this Program is a good fit for us both! 

When does it start?

Right away! Book a call to speak to Natalie! It’s never too late to become Vegan! 

Will this work for me?

Are you ready to feel empowered, informed and take charge of your lifestyle?

Do you want Veganism to be a no-brainer, and become your new normal?

Do you want to feel more healthy, happy and energised?

If you answered yes to any of these, Veagnism is definitely for you. 

How long will it take?

Everyone is different, and you will be treated as an individual on this Program. I have helped women transition to full Vegan from omnivore in just a few weeks! It can happen quickly for you too!

Will I loose weight?

Unlike a diet, the transition to fully plant-based foods teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy, delicious and nutritious rather than focussing on the calories. Weight loss is quite often a side effect when we feed our bodies with nourishing foods!

I’ve tried Veganism before and it didn’t last, why will it work this time?

I have worked with women, like you, who have tried without success in the past, and this is also how my journey began! After working with me, you will experience a change in perspective about food, nutrition and the world we live in which will provide you with the permanent change you desire.

Will I get personal help?

Yes. In addition to the group sessions, you can book 1-2-1 sessions if you feel you need private support

How does the Program work?

Once inside The Healthy, Happy Vegan Program you will experience support, accountability and guidance on how to transition easily to Veganism by working closely with me. Every week we will meet and chat and all of your questions will be answered. The Program works for you if you are looking for meal plans or if you’d prefer help on how to Veganise your favourite foods that’s possible too. With daily support available if you need it, you can gain confidence in how to make it work for you..

What is included in the Program?
  • 1-2-1 Support, as and when you need it to ensure you reach your goals

  • Weekly Discussion and Q&A calls where you will experience support and connection with like-minded women.

  • A private community for additional support and education.

  • A comprehensive, holistic educational program that will provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to become Vegan in 30 days or less.

  • Lifetime Access to all of the above.

What does the Program cost?

This is not the typical $100 or $300 program like many others you see online that offer downloads and very little support. This Program is immersive and thorough and offers a complete, permanent lifestyle change and solution. 

You’ll experience a change in how you view food and the world we live in. This proven Program is the only one you will need for long-lasting and sustainable results.

True peace of mind, and living in line with your beliefs can bring you an inner peace that money cannot buy! 

Following the latest scientific approaches to obtaining great human health, your results could be priceless if you become Vegan and avoid the suite of lifestyle diseases which are prevalent in our culture today. 

Good health now? Or pay for bad health later?

How long will I have access

Life-long access! Everybody is different, and I want you to feel fully supported throughout the changes in your lifestyle. You are welcome to join me online whenever and for as long as you need.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes, once enrolled you will have access to all of the content and you can manage the pace of your transition to suit your lifestyle. Of course, you will feel the results faster if you transition during the first few weeks and it is absolutely possible to do so with the support you will receive.

Is it easy being Vegan?

A question I am asked all the time! The answer for me is yes, I find it easy…– BUT I didn’t always feel this way! 

In the beginning, I clearly remember struggling with what to eat, feeling confused and also a bit deprived at times. I found myself eating toast, cereal or hummus far too often when I just wasn’t prepared. Personally, when I first tried to transition I had no one to talk to and I really didn’t know what I was doing. It might sound stupid, (it does to me!) but I didn’t make a plan or educate myself in what my body needs! I just jumped in – and it was really tough. It was so tough that I ‘failed’ more than once, and yo-yo’d around with my diet. This led to feelings of disappointment and shame. I look back now, and hindsight tells me I just needed some support and help and some education on how to eat to nourish and satisfy my body! I also needed some Vegan friends! 

Like anything new, becoming Vegan is hard until it’s easy! 

Sounds cliché, but it’s so true! I have now been Vegan for years and I am so comfortable with, cooking, preparing, shopping and managing social situations and I have a deep understanding of why I have chosen this ethical lifestyle. I choose to live this way because it feels right to me, and feels like a compassionate and conscientious way to live – plus the health benefits are incredible! 

I didn’t find Veganism until my late 30s, and often women think it’s too late to change, or that they are going to find it harder than most. I want to tell you – YOU can become Vegan, and it can feel easy and amazing! I wasn’t raised this way, but I have experienced first hand, and through helping other women, that becoming Vegan is a beautiful way to thrive!

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