About me

I am passionate about helping women Make the change to veganism

“I am realistic when it comes to what I eat. I absolutely practise evidence-based eating and encourage the members in my Program to do the same. This means I choose whole plant foods, lots of variety and specific foods for their healing and disease preventive properties. I also love bread, pasta and chocolate! I believe food should be thoroughly enjoyed!”

Hi there I´m Natalie

Born and raised in Oxfordshire and now settled in Hertfordshire, England.

I am passionate about many things including veganism, health, plant-based cooking, nutrition, wellbeing, kindness, animal-welfare, sustainability, compassion, the environment and of course my two gorgeous (Vegan) sons! You’ll regularly find me spending way too long caring for my houseplants – I have them in every room of my home – it’s a bit of an addiction!

2020 was a pivotal year for me. Firstly, I completed 5 years of full-time study and now have a 1st class Environmental degree (going back to University aged 39 was terrifying!). Secondly, I decided to follow my passion and intuition, launch my business and become an online Vegan mentor and coach.

My Vegan journey

My journey to Veganism was not an easy one, it started with a failed attempt at ‘Veganuary’ in 2014! I clearly remember trying to eat only plant-based a few more times and not lasting more than a few weeks. This may sound surprising coming from a Vegan coach? The truth is, I know first hand that there are challenges, and I certainly experienced them!

From 2016, I got serious and studied nutrition, incessantly listened to plant-based DRs and found a passion for the environment while studying at University. I also found out what is really happening within animal agriculture and I reached my turning point. 

Feeling empowered and informed, I understood so much more and made my life-changing transition to Veganism with ease. I know I could never look back!

I’m healthier with more energy and I’ve lost weight

I know I am helping the environment and animals

I have peace of mind that I live in line with my beliefs

& I am so proud to be Vegan.

My Vision

I have a vision to support women with their transition to a healthy Vegan lifestyle. I help women to enjoy their lives fully, with a focus on providing not just better health but also a brighter future for the next generation.

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