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“I believe that with guidance, education and support anyone can successfully move over to a Plant-Based Vegan lifestyle and make a difference to both their health, and the health of our planet”

Natalie was interviewed by Zandra Christie of Your Health Hub, an online magazine and directory dedicated to all things health & wellbeing for the Dacorum and St Albans area of the UK.  All previous issues can be read online at – Sign up for the Free Give-Aways and a copy straight to your inbox. 
Veganism is on the rise. Yet, it’s not always an easy lifestyle to switch over to or to maintain. In this interview, Natalie discusses some common concerns and myths about becoming Vegan and also what motivated her to help women transition to Veganism. The Healthy, Happy Vegan Program is a holistic, supportive, comprehensive Program that ensures women meet their Vegan goals with ease. As a Vegan lifestyle advocate, Natalie is on a mission to help as many women as possible live the healthiest, cruelty-free life they can so that they feel healthy, happy and proud! Her mission is clearly directed by her view that the next generation deserves a brighter and more healthy future!


Natalie was interviewed for the Plant-Based Eating for Health Podcast by Kathleen Gage. A show for plant based eaters and vegans who are committed to healthy, whole food diets, compassion to animals and the planet.

As a Vegan lifestyle advocate, with a vision to support women through their transition to a wholefood plant-based lifestyle, Natalie Stewart is on a mission to help as many women as possible live the healthiest life they can.

Living in the center of England, not far from London, Natalie is a single-mom of two Vegan sons.

In addition to being passionate about her role as a parent, her other great passion is her business, Wholehearted Vegan.

Enjoying consistent business growth, when the pandemic hit, Natalie recommitted to doing all she can to reach as many women as possible with her healthy offerings.

Out of this came her new 8 week program, The Healthy, Happy Vegan Program….

Listen to the episode here.

Natalie was featured in GreenLiving UK, an online platform advocating a systematic change for a sustainable and compassionate world.

Natalie Stewart is a vegan lifestyle mentor and coach with a degree in environmental management and a vision to support women while transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. Natalie is in the process of creating a brand new program and mentorship service, the ‘Healthy, Happy Vegan program’ to guide her clients towards obtaining a high-energy, healthy, sustainable, and cruelty-free lifestyle. I caught up with Natalie online and here is what she told me about her exciting new endeavour: ….

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