Why Choose Vegan?

The next generation deserve a brighter future”

I bet, just like me, you value good health? You want your older years to be good fun, and hopefully free from medications! You are a kind, compassionate and empathetic person? I knew it! That’s why you’re here…

The sad truth is, we have been sold a lie, actually a lot of lies! The lie that meat and dairy are good for our health. The lies that farmed animals are happy in beautiful green pastures. Lies that our environmental degradation is mostly caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

For health

For our planet

For animals

For water

For wildlife

For the rainforest

for Compassion

For world hunger

For Peace

The next generation deserves a brighter future right?

With a little more honesty!?


We need to see some radical changes, and fast. The good news? As individuals, you and I,  can make easy, daily choices which will absolutely compound and help us all live in better health – whilst being far more compassionate to planet earth and its animals. 

Going Vegan is the healthy choice. 

Going Vegan means our children and grandchildren might have a far brighter future.

“Since becoming Vegan, I feel healthy, happy, peaceful and so proud to live in true alignment with my beliefs. I love sharing this feeling and helping other women to make the change” 

Natalie Stewart

“Vegan Transition Coach and Mentor”

I am a passionate Vegan transition coach, mentor and creator of the ‘HEALTHY, HAPPY VEGAN PROGRAM’.  As a Vegan lifestyle advocate, I understand the big picture of why becoming Vegan is not just fantastic for your health, but also offers some incredible solutions to our most concerning environmental issues. 


My vision is to support women through their transition to a Vegan lifestyle. I help women to enjoy their lives fully, with a focus on providing not just better health but also a brighter future for the next generation.

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